• iPad Support Flow


    Level 1 Support - YOU !

    With teachers and students receiving an iPad device for use at both school and home to support educational activities, users are expected to maintain and enhance their skills level so that they are able to minimize down time. Self-help resources are provided in this website to allow iPad users to independently resolve common technical issues.

    Level 2 Support – Classroom Teacher(s) or Students

    Share (valid) information and help each other! Often times the resolution to common problems may be found by asking questions of others who may have experienced the same issues in the past.

    Level 3 Support – Walk-In Support (VMS only)

    From bus arrival through the homeroom period every day, at Voorhees Middle School, our technician will be available in Room AA-1 to take a quick look at any student or teacher’s iPad to try to diagnose or resolve a problem. Students must have their homeroom teacher’s permission to leave homeroom for this purpose, and with the short amount of time available, there is no guarantee that everyone’s problem will be addressed.

    Level 4 Support – Submit Help Request Form

    Find the iPad Help Request web clip on the iPad to open the form – please respond to all items (be specific when you have the chance to describe the symptoms of the problem) and submit the form for review. The building’s technology specialist will contact the user directly or dispatch the technician to examine the device or otherwise troubleshoot the problem. Should the iPad be experiencing a feature problem that prevents access to the form, you may access the iPad Help Request Form form here.