• District and Board Goals for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 School Years

    District Goals 

    1. Prioritize data-driven differentiated instruction to address the diverse needs of all learners.

    2. Ensure the continuity of a research-based professional development program that fosters a robust culture of communication and collaboration, nurturing continual learning and promoting professional dialogue among our highly skilled teaching staff.

    3. Enhance the timeliness, accessibility, and effectiveness of communication with all stakeholders. 

    Board of Education Goals

    1. The Board commits to building a culture of mutual respect, trust, open communication, and professionalism within itself and with other stakeholders while focusing on district goals and the best interests of students at all times through continued involvement in professional development and establishing agreed upon norms and policies around expected board conduct.

    2.  The Board recognizes the importance of internal Board onboarding to ensure continuity, efficiency, and focus as a governance unit. As such, the Board commits to create a comprehensive onboarding process for all Board members that will include, but not be limited to: (i) the role and responsibilities of a Board member; (ii) NJSBA required courses; (iii) process and protocols necessary to ensure this Board is high-functioning and efficient; and (iv) logistical information unique to the Voorhees Board of Education including establishing a detailed annual calendar with critical dates and expectations (e.g., budget cycle, district goal deadline, QSAC, strategic plan dates, evaluation deadlines).