Meals are available to all students regardless of their eligibility status for free/reduced meals, however in order to ensure that the proper amount of meals have been prepared, we need the attached meal order form completed at the beginning of every month.



    Important Food Service Announcement
    Meal pick up is every Wednesday
    from 10:45am- 11:45am

    Effective April 21, 2021 the following changes have been made to
    meal pick up for Wednesdays.

    Apartments 280 & 290 Building pickup will now be located at
    Maiaroto Sports Complex.

    ET Hamilton will remain in the same location

    Signal Hill meal pick up will now be located at the car line on the
    side of the building.

    Osage meal pick up will now be located in the back parking lot by
    the Watson Center.

    Kresson meal pick up will now be located by the gym which is
    accessible from the front parking lot and the car line.

    Middle School pickup will remain in the same location.

    PLEASE NOTE: There will no longer be buses parked at Signal Hill,
    Osage, Middle School and Kresson. Food Service Staff will be
    distributing meals on Wednesdays.
    If you have any questions, please email Tina Artusa- Food Service
    Director @ VHS@NSFM.com


    Questions can be directed:

    Tina Artusa: vhs@nsfm.com

    (856) 795-2025 ext 5223