District Office Personnel

Title First Name Last Name Job Title E-mail Address Telephone Extension
Dr. Melody Alegria Supervisor of Special Services alegria@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6134
Mrs. Amy Behnke School Social Worker behnke@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6132
Mrs. Melissa Damner Payroll Specialist 6121
Mrs. Jennifer Demski Behavior Specialist demskij@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6140
Mrs. Regina Disco Receptionist - Food Service/Maintenance Disco@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6110
Mrs. Susan Donnelly Supervisor of Special Projects Donnelly@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6117
Mrs. Helen Haley Business Administrator Haley@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6112
Mrs. Melissa Khalil Secretary - Child Study Team Khalil@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6138
Mr. Michael Kotch School Psychologist kotch@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6131
Mrs. Patricia Lancaster Executive Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent Lancaster@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6118
Mrs. Tricia Malady Secretary to the Business Administrator malady@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6114
Mr. Clark Mathes Director of Building & Grounds mathesc@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6123
Mrs. Michelle Mortelliti Accounts Payable mortellm@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6127
Ms. Amanda Packen School Psychologist Packen@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6139
Mrs. Holly Rosica Learning Consultant rosicah@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6137
Ms. Donna Ross Learning Consultant rossd@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6133
Mrs. Michelle Santore Executive Secretary to the Superintendent santore@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6122
Mr. Robert Sidor Transportation Coordinator sidor@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6124
Mrs. Marguerite Stephens School Social Worker stephenm@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6136
Mr. Bruce Taylor Director of Educational Technology taylorb@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6116
Mrs. Christine Todd Accounts Payable todd@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6125
Ms. Danielle Trucano Asst. Business Administrator Trucano@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6129
Mrs. Jennifer Waro Technology Specialist waroj@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6143
Mrs. Tanya Weinstock Business Office Clerk weinstock@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6128
Dr. Diane Young Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction youngd@voorhees.k12.nj.us 6118