1:1 iPad Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Voorhees Township School District providing students with iPads?

    The purpose of the iPad program at the Voorhees Middle School is to provide students and staff with tools and resources to create a modern learning environment that will prepare students to be successful in high school and ultimately to be college and career ready. We recognize that technology integration should be seamless and allow students to create, think critically, problem solve, collaborate, and communicate in new, meaningful, and interesting ways. The iPad program will help teachers transform curriculum and teaching practices so they can prepare students to be successful in an ever-changing global economy.

    What will teachers do differently?

    Teachers will enhance their instruction by:

    • providing access to creative digital resources that engage students
    • promoting activities that support collaboration, inquiry and problem solving
    • creating stronger interactions with students in class and outside of the classroom time

    What will students do differently?

    Students will enhance their learning by:

    • taking notes, highlighting and annotating key information while reading a document
    • taking virtual field trips
    • accessing resources beyond the textbook
    • accessing lectures from home and revisiting the content as needed
    • spending more class time on building deeper learning rather than rote recall
    • increasing quality interactions with teachers and with other students
    • developing their communication skills
    • working and learning from anywhere at any time

    Will the iPads come with textbooks?

    The iPads will not come with pre-loaded textbooks.

    Will students still use traditional textbooks?

    Students may use traditional textbooks and novels in some classes. However, there are on-line textbooks that students will be able to access on their iPads.

    If my child already has an iPad or other mobile device, can he or she use that one?

    No. Students must use the GPS iPads in order for us to provide maintenance, security, updating, GPS wifi access, and app distribution.

    Do students need to have an iTunes account?

    Yes. Students will need to set up an iTunes account if they do not already have one. An iTunes account is necessary so students can download apps and other resources onto their iPads as well as receive app updates.

    Can I set up an iTunes account without providing credit card information?

    Yes, a credit card is not required. Students need not purchase apps for coursework. However, if desired, apps can be purchased with an iTunes gift card.

    Will apps be purchased?

    Voorhees Township School District will purchase some baseline apps. These apps are primarily for productivity and can be used in all subjects. Students may purchase or download free apps if they are appropriate.

    Who will be responsible for fixing or replacing an iPad if broken?

    The iPads issued to VMS students are the property of the Voorhees Township School District. As such, students will be responsible for the devices while in their possession, much like they are responsible for textbooks issued to them. If the iPad is damaged and not working, students should not try to fix the iPad. District technology staff members will be responsible for maintaining the iPads and will order replacement iPads that are damaged.

    Who is responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement?
    If a student damages his or her iPad the cost for a replacement is $49.00. If the iPad is damaged more than 2 times then the cost is $499.00 for a replacement.

    Will students get protective covers?

    No. Students may purchase their own protective covers. Many are available at a low cost. The Parent and Faculty Association will be selling covers and they are available for purchase in the school store.

    What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?

    In the event that the iPad is lost or stolen, the parent is responsible for the $499.00 cost of replacing the iPad. The district has the ability to track the location of each iPad and to remotely control access to each device. In the event of theft or loss, it is very important to notify a school administrator immediately. Every effort will be made to locate the device and to cooperate with authorities in tracking a stolen device. The student will be provided a loaner iPad until another device can be purchased, but the iPad will have to remain in school.

    When will students be issued an iPad?

    iPads will be distributed during the second week of school.

    May students take the iPad home?

    Yes, students should take their iPads home not only for school work but also to charge their iPad. iPads must be brought to school each day fully charged. Uncharged iPads may not be able to be charged in school. Students will then be required to complete course work without their iPad and are considered unprepared for class.

    Will students keep the devices during breaks?

    Students will be able to keep the device throughout the entire school year. Devices will be collected prior to Summer Break.

    Can the iPad be connected to my home internet access?

    Students are permitted to setup wireless networks on their iPads to allow for iPad use for educational purposes while at home. When using the Internet at home, it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to monitor student use.

    Do we have to have Internet access at home?

    No. We acknowledge that not all families have wireless internet access at home. Teachers will accommodate for that reality and ensure students have any necessary documents and information on their iPads before leaving school.

    Read the iPad Policy, Procedures and Information Handbook.