• Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    In an effort to further increase student contact with technology tools for classroom use, considering that many students have access to their own privately-owned devices that could be used in learning activities, we have initiated a limited “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” program. Teachers must approve, direct and supervise student use of their devices during instructional time, after receiving prior approval from an administrator, and may also prohibit that use for any given activity. They will not assist or provide technical assistance to students who are not able to properly operate their own devices. Designed activities may in no way provide an advantage for students who use privately-owned devices over those who do not.  Students may not use the school’s WiFi network or connect to a wired Ethernet port with their devices, and when or where connectivity is required, they must use the privately contracted data plan associated with their own device. They must also comply with established rules for use of school-owned technology resources when using their own devices, they may not use their devices to access school network equipment, and they may only use these devices if first granted permission by a parent or guardian submitting this form. This document reflects the Voorhees Township School District’s Pupil Use of Privately-Owned Technology Policy (Policy 2363). The school district assumes no responsibility for the security or damage to any privately-owned device brought to school by a student.