• Staff Professional Development in Educational Technology

    This Voorhees Township School District provides a very comprehensive and systematic approach to staff development with regard to the use of computers and other technology-based resources. For the most part, in-house staff members deliver this program, however outside consultants and training centers are used periodically. There is great flexibility in terms of the structure of these courses and the related compensation for participants, and it is the districts belief that this variety is the key to its success.

    Programs are offered that address current district initiatives related to technology-curriculum integration, staff productivity, and identified staff technology competencies. Staff members may assess their individual strengths and weaknesses in order to be better able to select staff development programs that meet their needs. Gap analysis in the Future Ready Schools – NJ Bronze Certification process has yielded professional learning targets, as has school NJTRAx Digital Learning Readiness and Implementation feedback.

    Program offerings exist in several formats, including onsite graduate courses, mandatory inservice training programs, courses and mini courses (for credit), miscellaneous small-scale workshops, and online learning.

    The professional development program offerings catalog and the registration tool are only available to staff members who Sign In to this website and explore the Professional Development Section.