• Cybersecurity

    The changing face of the technology-rich environment and the openness of communications delivery systems will increasingly, and unfortunately, continue to include many new risks for users related to their information, applications and equipment. Technology managers must continuously assess these threats, such as hackers, viruses, spam, and various forms of malware, and then provide security measures that may prevent and/or address the impact of attacks on both technology resources and their users. Technology users must be active participants in the protection of the resources they use with the guidance and support of technology managers.

    Caution also must be taken, with heightened awareness, concerning Cyber safety and the potential for risks users often take while interacting in social networking environments, on commerce sites, or in any circumstance when the exposure to inappropriate content and/or the sharing of personal information is involved. Heightened awareness about Internet safety, cyberbullying, etiquette, ethics, and consequences for risk taking online are addressed in the district's technology plan, curriculum, staff development programs and in parent outreach activities.

    Measures are taken to ensure that users of these online resources, both students and staff, may do so safely and with reduced risk of exposure to inappropriate content or contact. Acceptable Technology Use Policies, published usage guidelines and signed permission forms, parent & student information sessions on cyber safety, published links to online safety websites, consistent student supervision and related discussion, positioning of equipment in the room for monitoring purposes, etc., contribute in concert with some of the technology-oriented resources in place (web content filter, protocol filter, anti-SPAM, anti-SpyWare, anti-Phishing, Pop-up blockers, etc.) to collectively safeguard the online environment.

    The health and well being of our students and employees is of upmost importance, and should not be put at risk, either directly or indirectly, as a result of the use of technology resources.