• Historical Overview

    The Voorhees Township School District recognizes the correlation of careful planning to the degree of success realized when implementing most new initiatives. Educational technology is an area of no exception, especially due to its perceived level of societal importance (and its cost). The inclusion of historical data in this document is to reinforce the district’s belief that technology planning should be an ongoing endeavor, responsive to changing needs and opportunities. As the school district has been an active participant ineducational technology practices for many years, the plans created and the processes utilized have emerged from our past experiences. This section attempts to emphasize the district’s commitment of time and resources asessential elements of the planning process, and to provide the reader with ap erspective regarding the baseline on which this planning document was built.

    Background information for each revision of the Voorhees Township School District Educational Technology Plan is available by clicking on a listed date range in the pane on the left.