• 1999-2001 Update

    Modifications and enhancements made to the original (1997-2002) five-year plan were the result of data gathered during 1) monthly Board of Education meetings, district administrators meetings, school staff meetings and parent-faculty organization meetings; 2) weekly computer specialist meetings; 3) monthly Camden County Educational Technology Committee meetings 4) monthly local and regional distance learning consortium meetings; 5) Bi-monthly Voorhees Educational Technology Association meetings.

    Additional input/feedback was collected from the community via correspondence as a result of information published on district and school web sites, press releases, district and school newsletters, school calendars, Board of Education meeting notes, and other relevant publications.

    The district’s main goals for technology initiatives through the year 2002 were established in order to meet district technology needs, as identified by both the original and revision planning committees. They were set within the nine major areas of the action plan and broken out into two larger categories:

    Solutions-based Initiatives:

    • Instructional Technology Programs and Initiatives
    • Administration and Teacher Productivity Initiative
    • Community Access Opportunities

    Support Structures:

    • Facilities, Hardware Resources and Infrastructure
    • Software and Online Resources
    • Staff Development Programs
    • Educational Technology Staffing
    • Maintenance, Service and Support
    • Technology Resource Acquisition