• Technology Planning

    The Voorhees Township School District has evolved as an organization that recognizes the benefits of providing technology-based initiatives, and it continues to demonstrate a high level of commitment in the implementation of a successful and comprehensive educational technology program. In both instructional and administrative settings, the appropriate selection and configuration of software and hardware resources has truly enhanced the quality of the teaching/learning process and the communication and management of related information.

    The district’s educational technology mission statement reflects a perception characteristic of the educational community in Voorhees Township that the integration of technology in all academic content areas, the development of information, media and technology literacy skills, and the establishment of a foundation for life-long learning are critical contributors in the success our overall educational program. With both the National and New Jersey Future Ready Framework at its focus, all other areas included in this plan provide the support structures required for the district as an organization to be successful in accomplishing its mission for digital learning.

    Instructional Mission Statement

    Strive to meet the unique needs of all stakeholders by providing comprehensive, innovative, and creative instructional programs that prepare lifelong learners to succeed in an ever-changing global society.