• Large Group Interactive Presentation

    Using the computer/tablet, software, and special purpose peripheral devices in conjunction with a large screen LED flat panel display or projector provides the teacher with an “electronic chalkboard” for instructional delivery.  Devices may be physically attached or wirelessly attached via a casting or mirroring device (e.g., Apple TV). This mode of instruction is especially conducive to teaching and learning activities in a large group environment. Interactive components, such as an interactive whiteboard, panel or display, wireless tablet or tablet computer, wireless slate, or personal response system (PRS), have been added to our classrooms to facilitate interaction for both the teacher and students with the digital content and tools being used during large group instruction.  Document cameras are used for the exploration of artifacts, product samples or printed media elements related to lesson content. All elementary school classrooms, and most classrooms in the middle school, have been equipped with a permanently mounted interactive display product with an attached computing device.