• Spring Physical Education Activity Sequence



    Table Tennis


    Track and Field




    Recreational Games

    Ongoing Physical Education Activities:

    Aerobic Activity

    Strengthening Activity

    Low Organized Group Games

    Fitness Testing

    Fitness Component Assessment

    Rhythmic Activities

    "Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you used to be."  Brett Hoebel

    Please make sure your child has the following for PE class:

    1. School bought lock for their lockers- $6 Cash or check written out to VMS

    2. School bought PE uniform OR a plain white or plain gray t-shirt with their first name and last initial printed on the front & back in 3" block lettering.

    3. Sneakers

    4. Students and parents are encouraged to review the P.E. Rules & Policies page that will be sent via Google Classroom on your child's first day of P.E.

    All students in PE class test for the following:

    1. Push Ups

    2. Curl Ups

    3. Mile

    4. Heart Rate

    5. Pacer