• 6th Grade LEAD Program with VTPD           

    Second Marking Period dates: January 16-29

    Lesson 1~ Goal Setting

    1. Time Capsule

    2. Six Steps to reaching your goal

    3. Short and Long Term Goals 


    Lesson 2~ Decision Making

    1. Consider the Consequences


    Lesson 3~ Identifying and Managing Emotions

    1. Search Your Feelings

    2. The Road to Healthy Emotions

       A. Name healthy ways to manage your emotions.

    3. Deflating the balloon.

       A. Read scenarios and write how you would feel and how you would manage your 

           emotions using a healthy strategy.

    Lesson 4~ Effective Communication

    1. Communication Counts

        A. Communication Style and description

    2. Communication Crossing

        A. Types of Communication

        B.  How to say it

     3. Assertive Conversations

        A. Scenarios 

    Lesson 5~ Bonding and Relationships

    1. Peer Pressure

    2. Scenarios

    3. Identifying appropriate peer pressure refusal strategies