Meeting Dates:

    Monday, February 27

    Tuesday, March 14

    Monday, March 27

    The purpose of our community service club is to visit local senior citizens usually once or twice a month. (Based on restrictions at the assisted living facility.)  The students provide companionship to the residents of Brookdale at Echelon Lake, an assisted living facility, located behind the Camden County Library.  The students involve residents in activities designed to promote socialization, and stimulate memory.  Our programs include making arts and crafts, playing games, such as Bingo, board games, puzzles, word searches, and making music, along with "fun with food" activities. Students spend time  conversing and learning about the lives of the seniors.  They enjoy singing, playing games and sharing snacks together.  Students also make birthday and holiday cards and help the seniors with crafts and activities.    The program begins in October and ends in May.
     Our students learn compassion and empathy and realize the gift of their time to others, and all students benefit from  participating in our community service club. The Adopt-a-Grandparent Club is in its 41st year!
    2022-2023 Advisor :  Mrs. Tara Johnson
    Contact me at: Johnson@voorhees.k12.nj.us  OR at 795-2025, extension 75158