•  Voorhees Middle School Nurses

    FAX  (856) 216-0890 


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    Mrs. Marissa DelPalazzo, R.N. 


      (856) 795-2025 ext. 5161

    Mrs. Stefany Emerson, R.N.


    (856) 795-2025 ext. 5186


    Impotant Reminders:

    -If you child is not feeling well and experiencing any symptoms, please give the nurse's office a call for guidance. If you child meets the stay at home criteria, we will set up remote access that would begin on the 2nd day the student is home. If you child goes for testing and receives negative results, remote access would end that day. If they need more time to recuperiate, they are welcome to stay home and rest additional day but would no longer have remote access.

    -Under the current guidelines, all siblings must be kept at home if any child in the home is experiencing symptoms that meets our stay at home criteria or has a pending test. This does include any siblings from any school in our district. If you have children attending other districts, please make sure to notify them. 

    -Unfortunately there has been a rise of breakthrough COVID cases for the fully vaccinated, some of these cases start out very mild with sneezing as the first sign. If you have a child who is fully vaccinated and experiences mild symptoms, please contact the nurse's office for futher guidance.


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