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    We hope everyone is adjusting well to remote learning. We miss all our students! If anyone has any questions regarding immunization requirements, physicals, or health needs for the 2020-2021 school year please email us.


    The Voorhees Twp Police Dept has established a Task Force to identify and assist residents who are in need of food, medication and other basic necessities but are unable to leave their homes as a result of the ongoing pandemic.
    If you are one in need of basic necessities we encourage you to contact them directly every day between 9am and 3pm at (856)627-5858 ext 1121or 1126. This phone number can be used to request any essential items that you require.
    After hours please call (856)428-5400 for non emergencies.


    Voorhees Middle School Nurses


    Ms. Taylor Dansky, R.N. - Registered Nurse

    Nurse for 6th grade (A-M) and 7th grade


    (856) 795-2025 ext. 5186


    Mrs. Marissa DelPalazzo, R.N. - Registered Nurse

    Nurse for 6th grade (N-Z) and 8th grade


    (856) 795-2025 ext. 5161


    FAX  (856) 216-0890