Students who wish to participate in a sport must complete the ENTIRE physical packet.




    1. The Pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) must be completed by a licensed physician, advanced practice nurse (APN), or physician assistant (PA) that has completed the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment professional development module. It is recommended that you verify that your medical provider has completed this module before scheduling an appointment
    2. The PPE must be conducted within 365 days of the first official practice of the athletic season.
    3. The permission form, concussion form, sudden cardiac death form, and opioid form must be read by the parent and student and signed/dated.
    4. Student-athletes that had a medical exam completed 90 days prior to the start of the athletic season must complete the Health History Update Questionnaire.
      1. Health History update questionnaire
    5. The physical packet will be RETURNED and UNAPPROVED if:
      1. The date of exam and personal information (name, date of birth, etc.) is not filled in
      2. Blood pressure, pulse, or vision is left blank
      3. Signatures (athlete or parent) are missing
      4. Completed Cardiac Assessment is not signed and dated by the physician



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