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    The Lady Vikings claimed back-to-back championships with a convincing 51-25 win over Glen Landing, Monday at the VMS Gym. The girls led from the opening tip as they raced to a 37-9 lead at the half. This is the third league championship for the Lady Vikings in the last four years.
    The Lady Vikings punched their ticket to the championship game with a 33-19 victory over Mullen Middle School Monday. Due to the Eagles' victory parade the game has been rescheduled to Monday, February 12th at 3:45 in the VMS gym. Come on out and cheer your Lady Vikes to victory!
    With their 50-30 victory over Carusi on Monday, the Lady Vikings remained undefeated in SJSL play and clinched their third regular season title in the past four years.  Their 8-0 league record entitles them to play all playoff games at the Voorhees Middle School gym.  Their semifinal game against Mullen will be played at 3:45 on Monday, February 5th at the VMS gym. The championship game will be played on either Wednesday or Thursday at the gym of the remaining team with the best regular season record.
    The Lady Vikings finish the regular season at Rosa Middle School on Wednesday, January 31st at 4:30 immediately following the boys game.
    VMS Girls’ Basketball Team Season Contract 
    The team rules for the 2017-2018 basketball season are listed below. Each player and one parent or guardian must sign below and return to the coaching staff before November 13, 2017. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, lessened playing time, suspension from game(s) or dismissal.
    Practice is held every weekday from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm unless otherwise noted. Players are expected to be on the court, in practice attire, and practicing at 3:00 pm. There will be no practices during Thanksgiving weekend, or Winter Break. We will play 3 games in the St. Mary of the Lakes Tournament on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend .
    Players are expected to give their best efforts during practice. Even if you don’t play in the game, a good practice effort will make you and your teammates better.
    By accepting a spot on the team, players are committing to attend ALL games and practices. If you can not be present for all games and practices you must notify the coaches at the first practice. The coaching staff will then decide whether the absences will be excused, whether your spot will be given to another player, or other consequences. Social activities, other basketball practices/games, other sport practices/games/clinics/camps, and vacations are not excused activities. If you become aware during the season that you can not attend a practice or game you must tell a coach as soon as possible. The coaching staff will decide if the absence is excusable. Otherwise the player may be assigned extra conditioning, lose playing time, or other consequences determined by the coaching staff. Repeated absences may result in dismissal from the team. Players who attend school are expected to be at practice that day. Players who do not attend school are not allowed to practice that day. If a player attends school but will not be at practice, the coaching staff must be notified that day.
    Players are allowed to be late to or miss practice in order to obtain extra academic help after school with VMS staff. Players with extra-curricular activities at VMS (such as Band, Orchestra, Theater, etc.) should advise the coaches as soon as possible. Activities that do not occur on a daily basis, or allow the player to attend part of practice may be allowed. However, activities that require players to miss substantial practice time may not be compatible with a spot on the team. The coaching staff will make these decisions on a case by case basis.
    Playing time is based on attendance and performance at practice. Players are not guaranteed playing time. The coaching staff will NOT discuss playing time with parents or guardians because parents do not see practices and because coaches can not discuss other players with parents. Players, however, are encouraged to discuss any concerns, including playing time, with the coaches directly. Coaches are always available to discuss parent/guardian concerns, other than playing time. We ask however that these discussions not take place immediately after a game or during practice time. Please let us know in advance and we will find a mutually convenient time and place to give your concerns the attention they deserve.
    Practices will conclude at 4:15. Players who are being picked up, must be in their cars before the late bus leaves. If a player’s ride is not present when the late bus is departing, the player will be placed on the late bus. Phone calls that the ride is “on the way” will not alter this procedure. Neither the late bus nor the coaching staff will wait for rides to arrive. Bus transport will be provided to and from all away games, except the St. Mary of the Lakes tournament over MLK Day weekend. Players are required to ride the bus TO all other games. Players may ride home with parents/guardians if the parent/guardian is visible to the coaching staff at the end of the game. Players are not allowed to ride home with anyone other than a parent/guardian unless written permission is provided to the coaching staff before the game. Players taking the bus home will be taken to VMS for pickup. Players will call from the bus to tell parents/guardians when they will arrive. Players must be picked up within ten minutes from the time the away bus arrives at VMS.  THERE ARE NO BUSES PROVIDED AFTER HOME GAMES. Players are required to have their own transportation from home games which must arrive within ten minutes from the end of the game. Players whose rides are repeatedly late to pick them up from home games or from the away bus may be dismissed from the team.
    Each player will be provided with a home and away uniform consisting of a jersey and shorts. Players who do not return both uniforms at the end of the season will be charged for their replacement. When washing uniforms PLEASE DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER, as it causes the numbers to come off.
    Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend games both home and away. The team always plays better with your vocal support. However, berating your child, her teammates, opposing players, coaches or referees will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule may result in being banned from future games. Coaching your child from the sidelines is not permitted. Even though you may have a better idea than the coaching staff, asking an adolescent to implement it while on the court and being given contradictory instructions from the coaching staff is both confusing and unfair. Furthermore, players that do not follow the coaching staff’s instructions will lose playing time. Please do not put your child in this situation. We have read and agree to follow the foregoing team rules for the VMS Girls’ Basketball team.
      _____________________________ Player                                                                 
    _________________________________Parent/Guardian                                ____________________ Date