Updated 2/19 3:00pm


    The weather got us, no BB today!  This ends our season.

    Great season guys, the coaches enjoyed working with you and wish you well the rest of the school and with your basktball.  We hope you had a good time and learned some things, we definitley saw many players improve their game.  Remember what we told you about next season, be it at VMS or Eastern.



    Updated 2/18/2021 1:00pm


    STORMS!  No basektball today, hopefully we can get tomorrow in, our last day.


    Updated 2/15/2021 7:00pm


    Our last week!:

    Tue/Wed 2/16-17- Cohort A

    Thu/Fri 2/18-2/19 - Cohort B


    Updated 2/8/2021 11:30am


    With the addition of Wednesdays for our schedule, we will also add boys basketball to those days.  Since the A cohort has missed days, the two days we meet on Wednesdays will be cohort A days:


    Wed 2/10 - Cohort A

    Wed 2/17 - Cohordt A