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    Intramurals is a sport program for sixth graders who would like to play a variety of activities after school with their peers.  The FALL intramural tournament will begin September 18, 2019.  The Spring intramural tournament will begin on APRIL 1st and will be held Mondays and Wednesdays each week.  Games are played after school until 4:10 p.m.  Bus transportation is provided with prior written permission.  IF STUDENTS ARE NOT PICKED UP ON TIME, AFTER THE ACTIVITY, THE CHILD WILL BE SENT HOME ON THE 4:15 pm BUS.  The fall activities will be Indoor Soccer and Pickleball (a lead up game for Tennis which utilizes racquet skills and similar strategies), and the spring activities will be Basketball, Volleyball, Outdoor Tennis and Table Tennis.  Both girls and boys are encouraged to participate. A student is NOT required to attend all games.

    We will begin with Indoor Soccer.  Intramural permission forms for the year should be given to Ms. Fulton or your homeroom teacher by September 18, 2019 or in the Spring by April 1, 2020.  A PHYSICAL IS REQUIRED FOR A STUDENT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM.  PHYSICAL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE NURSE. PERMISSION FORMS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE VMS WEBSITE.  If you do not turn in a permission form AND A PHYSICAL FORM, you may not participate.  Only one permission form is necessary for the year. A SPRING registration will be held for those who did not register for the Fall season. Follow the schedule given out for each tournament.  Listen for cancellations on the announcements. Immediately after school on the day of the activity, report to the gym and check in. 


    Thank you for all your help in making the intramural program successful!!  We could never do it without the support of the 6th grade homeroom teachers and the parents!!     Thank you again and Good luck!

    Ms. Fulton-FALL SESSION            fultons@voorhees.k12.nj.us

    Mr. Morales-SPRING SESSION      Morales@voorhees.k12.nj.us