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     Chess is a board game that requires thinking and strategy.  The object of chess is to move your colored pieces around the board capturing your opponent's player pieces.  Ending and winning the game will only occur when your opponent's King is placed in a checkmate position.  This means that the King is threatened to be captured in the next move no matter where he moves on the board in his next turn.

    Chess Master- Mr. Jeff Lanzilotta 

    Phone Extension:  x5142 


    Chess Club Meetings:  Designated Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays throughout the year.  The schedule will change each week.

    Beginners and Advanced Chess Players are welcome!

    Membership is open throughout the entire school year.
    If transportation is needed, students can take the 4:15 Late Bus.
    PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A PERMISSION FORM signed by a parent.  The form can be acquired from Mr. Lanzilotta, a guidance counselor, or printed out on Mr. Lanzilotta's Chess Google Classroom.
    Sign up for the Chess Google Classroom for weekly updates:  SUBRQDA