• Mrs. Love
    8th Grade 
    Language Arts Literacy
    Room  B-4
    To read is to empower 
    To empower is to write 
    To write is to influence 
    To Influence is to change 
    To change is to live. 
    ~ Jane Evershed ~

    Welcome to The Love Class!
    It is my hope that my students have a successful  last year at VMS!  I'm so proud of their accomplishments so far!
    In my class, students will read several exciting novels, master story elements, learn new vocabulary, utilize reading strategies, recognize figurative language, as well as enjoy poems and short stories. As you have learned the mechanics of writing an excellent document, you will get plenty of practice too. 
    Getting ready for High School is most important this year and students will engage in cooperative workgroups; improving collaborative skills, and gain new perspectives. Most importantly, my students will  improve their critical & analytical skills as they polish their communication skills.
    I hope to keep avid readers engaged and help reluctant readers hone their skills and begin to love reading a good book.
    I am available to parents at any time, should you need me! I will get back to you in a timely fashion! Email tends to be faster during the day but you may call anytime.
    My contact info is as follows: Email me: love@voorhees.k12.nj.us
    Call me/leave a voicemail: 856-795-2025 ext. 75264
    Homework  Details: Homework  is updated each  day - See my Homework Calendar page - found on this website.
    The Homework Calendar website page is incredibly beneficial for 8th graders, as it  helps them keep organized! I post reminders for quizzes & tests, as well!