• hw
    Homework assignments MUST be turned in the day it is due (the exception being a student who is absent). If a student forgets a homework or classwork assignment, there is a "missing work" journal that I have them sign. They record their name, the date, the name of the missing assignment, and the reason why the assignment is not present. This holds them accountable, allows me to track patterns more easily, and is a fantastic tool for parent communication and concerns regarding their child's homework grade. Note: If an assignment is requested to be turned in electronically via the IPAD, it is due by 8:00 AM on the Due Date.
    After 3 missing assignments, I assign the student a teacher detention, to be served either after school or during lunch (they will eat in my room). I will not accept late homework; unless the student is absent. 
        Homework is 10% of the grade and missing homework will have an impact on the student's grade.
     ***If absent, please review your Weekly Agenda in Google Classroom, will detail all work for the week. If I handed out paper copies, they will be placed in the bin called "While You Where Out" 
    Parents: if you ever have questions about make-up work, please feel free to send me an email.
    Homework is located in google classroom.