• Winning Tips

    Guess what?  Can you believe just how fast time flies!!!!!

    High School is next year!  And, 8th grade is known as a transitional year..... it can be challenging, as well as exciting!!!!!

    Details below for a successful year!!!                  winning tips

    Learning to Manage Your Time:
    Keep track of all assignments!  You can use your IPAD to help you with this!!! All of your homework and assignments will be in one place. I would also suggest trying to use a weekly and or monthly planner.  In using a monthly planner you can see at a glance what you've accomplished and what you still need to do each day! Mrs. Love' provides an agenda in her google classroom so you will always know what is due.....

    Here is where long-rang planning can help Break a big job into smaller parts, and set daily goals for those parts! YOU can get it done if you stick to a schedule!
    Speaking of Class projects - again - don't wait until the last minute - if you are in a group, use all kinds of electronic ways of communicating with your peers (texting, skyping, & phoning)
    Homework Tips:
    When given an assignment try to picture yourself doing it!
    Take the necessary steps to have what you need before you leave school at the end of the day!
     Most importantly, have a quiet place & time for studying, doing homework and completing projects.
     taking home the gold