• Over-the-counter medication form:

    The nurse's office does not carry any stock medication. If you would like to have an OTC medication kept in the nurse's office, please have their doctor complete the medication form. Common reasons students keep stock medications in the nurse's office:

    1. Pain from braces
    2. Menstrual cramps
    3. Headaches
    4. Body aches/pains

    Medication form for OTC meds

    Prescription Medication form:

    If your child will need to take a prescription medication during the school day, please have their doctor complete the medication form below. 

    Med bottle

    Form for prescription meds

    All medications must be signed, dated and stamped by a medical provider. The medication order also needs to be signed by a parent or guardian. All medications need to be brought to the nurse's office by a parent or guardian via the Main Office. Medications must be in the original bottle and clearly labeled with your child's name. Medication orders are valid for the current school and do need to be renewed annually.