• 7th Grade Health I Instructional Sequence

    Safety and First Aid

    * Identify the basic steps to follow when arriving on the scene of an accident

    * Identify the first aid procedures for breathing emergencies

    * Describe various methods used to control bleeding emergencies

    * Apply basic first aid procedures during mock bleeding emergencies

    * Explain the first aid procedures for treating a choking victim

    * Implement steps for the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver in a practice setting

    * Identify symptoms of shock and emergency procedures used to treat this condition

    * Explain the first aid procedures for broken bones, sprains, and bruises

    * Describe the three degrees of burns and the first aid procedures for each.

    * Describe the first aid procedures for insect bites and stings

    * Identify safety precautions necessary to prevent heat and cold emergencies

    * List the basic first aid procedures for heat and cold emergencies

    Personality Development

    * Identify the impact of genetics, family history, personal health practices and environment on personal growth and development

    * Discuss a variety of factors that may lead to drug use and/or abuse

    * Identify ways to express positive attitudes towards self and others

    * Participate in volunteer activity to benefit a local, state, national, or world health initiative

    * Explain why the therapeutic effects and potential risks of commonly used OTC, prescription drugs, and herbal supplements vary in different individuals


    * Explain the importance of communication skills in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships

    * Implement the use of effective communication skills in resolving conflicts

    * Identify that he/she has the right to say no in situations that involve personal health and safety

    * Implement techniques and strategies that use refusal skills effectively in maintaining healthy relationships

    Stress management

    * Describe the difference between positive and negative stress

    * Identify ways the body responds to stress

    * Identify positive strategies to cope with personal sources of stress