• Directions for Vocabulary:

    For each chapter you will be assigned vocabulary terms. In each lesson in the chapter you will look for the highlighted terms. At the bottom of the first page of the lesson it will be marked ‘content vocabulary.’ These will be the terms you need to define. You do not have to do the ‘academic vocabulary.’

    Start a new note in Notability for each marking period.   All chapters in a marking period will be on the same note.  To start a new page you will be in your ‘vocabulary MP 1’ tab and tap the pencil icon with the blue background.

    Remember for vocabulary you have to define the definition by using the book and passage it is from (not any other source or glossary of the text). After you define the term you will use the word in your own sentence, one you create yourself (do not cut an paste from the text or other sources).

    Vocabulary is part of your homework grade so make sure to look at the board in class and the calendar on your iPads for due dates!  Do not work on a chapter until assigned to do so.  However when a chapter is assigned, you will be given due dates for the entire chapter and may get the lessons done early if desired.  Each marking period all vocabulary from that marking period will be given a final check for a major grade at the end of the marking period.

    See the example below.  You must show a heading for each chaper (ex. Chapter 3), a sub heading for each section (ex. 3.1,  3.2,  .3.3), and all term are numbered 1 to whatever within each chapter.  For a new chapter, start over wtih number 1.


    Example of how it will looK:


    Chapter 7

    7.1   1. term - definition of how it is used in the text.  Use the term in your own sentence.

    1. term -    "                "                      "                       "                        "

    7.2   3. term -    "               "                       "                       "                          "

    7.3    4. term -     "                 "                       "                        "                            "


    Chapter 8


    8.1   1. term - definition of how it is used in the text.  Use the term in your own sentence.

             2.  term -    "                "                      "                       "                        "

             3.   term -    "                "                      "                       "                        "

             4.  term -    "                "                      "                       "                        "


    8.2   5. term -    "               "                       "                       "                          "


    Always label a new chapter.  Always label each section of the chapter.  Number each term, 1 thru whatever number there is in a chapter.  For a new Chapter, have new Chapter and sections labels, and start numbering at 1.   IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, ASK!!!.   Any vocabulary that is at or beyond the due date can be checked for a grade.