Hard Copy/Digital copy due _1/26_(for early points) FINAL DUE DATE BOTH COPIES 1/30
    (this gives you 2 weekends) 
    The digital copy sent to Mr. Middleton: you must convert to a PDF file; due date and method t.b.a. 
    The Report should be written in a standard font, multiple spaced (1 1/2), size 13 font. Although you will have graphics in your report, the actual written portion should be three to four pages in length of actual text. Printing on both sides of pages.  You need to add at least 15 visuals: (photos, pictures, charts). Photos should be scattered throughout the text, located in the area of where the visual relates (as in your textbook, pictures and visuals in a chapter are not in bunch, on one or two pages at the end of the chapter, instead they are found throughout the text of the chapter).  Example of visuals are:

    -photos of your person that are current and/or from the time period of the interview

    -photos of actual things mentioned in the interview or representative photos of things from the interview (or representative photos)

    -informational charts or graphs

    All visual components should have captions describing them, giving years or approximate years as we discussed in class.



    You are looking to paint a story/picture of the time period (child to about age 25) of your person. Your person is the information and story source for your study and presentation. Your person is unique, no other person will have the exact same experiences and personal perspective. Their story is unique to them and not necessarily the same for all people of that time period. That is okay, that will be understood. Remember to have some additional information/expand on the things mentioned in the report, particularly major events discussed. In writing your report, create a flow, starting with their beginning of their life (when, where, into what type of life), and follow their story chronologically. So yes, you are presenting the answers to the questions we had listed to be discussed, but do not just answer the questions. Instead, create a presentation of the time period. Think about the better documentaries we have watched where the characters were made to “come alive” and be addressing the viewing audience.   Add your own thoughts about the time period.  The story and experiences told the story of the topic being viewed.  You will be providing a copy of the written report to the person you interviewed; keep that in mind as you write your report.


    As always, if you have questions or issues see me early, not last minute, so we can take care of concerns early and before the due date!