DUE 3/12-14 will be the presentations


    Reminder, this is a summary, not reading your report or covering all the details.  It will be about 45 to 60 seconds in length.  You may have a notecard with bulleted items to help keep you on the correct flow of points and not miss any points, but it is not a script of line by line or word by word reading. You will show me any notecard before presenting and turn it in when done. NOTE CARDS MUST BE IN HARD COPY (HAND WRITTEN OR TYPED)  What should be included in your summary:


    *interviewed person's name, relation to you, when and where they were born, type of family/lifestyle/area they grew up in

    *what were the major events/experiences person remembers as lasting influence on their life
    *what did person see as major advantages and/or disadvantages of growing up when/how they did
    *what information from and/or about the person's life/period of growing up surprised you or was new knowledge to you 
    *what piece of advice did your person offer/what did you learn about yourself or maybe your own future 
    *compare and contrast growing up in the person's time to your time of growing up
    *as with all of our oral and written presentations, it's not just about the facts, give your input and thoughts - that is the difference between a average grade and an above average grade. 
    As always, if you have any questions or run across any problems see Mr. Middleton as soon as possible, before the due date!!