• The BIG HISTORY PROJECT 2023-2024, Phases of the Project:


    Also see the tab for "Questions for Interviewee" to be posted about 11/15, as well as detailed descriptions for every step of the project.  Each step will become accessable to view all requirements once the step is introduced and assigned.





    I. Introduction (week of 10/30)

    II. Interview Period (11/3 through 1/15, due to be done by 1/15)  Interview questions are on a tab on my webpage

    III. Updates of where you are with the project; these are very short, done in class:         
    IV. Written Report of individual work (due t.b.a early turn in, t.b.a final turn in; see the tab for directions, to be posted about 1/20)
    V. Oral summary of highlights/insights to the class (date t.b.a.)
    VI. Collaborative work, to result in the creation of a multi-media presentation (approx 3/02 - 5/08)
    VII. Presentation of Collaborative work (5/19 - 5/22)
    VIII. Premier night t.b.a.
    IV. - Final summaries of the work, individual and collaborative, approximately 5/27
    Ask your person to have any photos ready so you can take snapshops. 
    We discussed the interview process in class. Keep in mind that you are looking to accommodate your person. They are helping you as your primary source for the time period in which they lived. Target for interview: “Grandparent” type age person (first choice is a relative) addressing younger time of life (child to about 22ish). Let person talk, but also direct the flow so you can get enough information; you may need to make a second appointment.  Call in advance to arrange; arrange through and with parent permission and knowledge. Points to address in the interview (H/S means he or she; H/H means his or her): *Where was the person born, when if they will answer, type of family (well off, wealthy, didn’t know) *how many were in H/H family, how did that affect how H/S grew up *How did where H/S was born (city, suburb, rural, foreign) affect life at that time; how did it affect later life *if born in another country, what did H/S know about the U.S., were they limited about knowledge of the U.S., what was the family perception of the U.S.; at what age did they come to the U.S. *does H/S remember any prices (bread, soda, movie, candy, gasoline, anything else) *did H/S serve in the military, enlisted or drafted;  were military personnel supported by the public, would H/S serve again under the same time and circumstances *movies that were big; *major events that affected H/H or ones H/S still remembers *Jobs H/S held as youth, first job as young adult; how much was H/S paid; did H/S get an allowance, how much *how would H/S describe the role and importance of family for a child/young person then; were H/S parents strict; how did that affect how H/S raised H/H children *what music was most popular growing up *would H/S describe self as a person who confirmed with society, why or why not, what were results *How did where born affect life (city, suburb, rural, foreign) *what was first car, what did it cost *name one or two things H/S feels was better about growing up in H/S time period as opposed to today and why *what was the big or new(er) technology of H/S  time period; what is a technology of today H/S would have not expected to see *did H/S always get along with H/S parents/guardians *what was the best advice H/S received from a parent/adult during H/S youth *what was the best memory or H/S) youth *what is best advice H/S could give you