• Voorhees Middle School Social Studies Department

    8th Grade – United States History – Mr. Middleton

    Contact information: 856 795-2025, ext. 5255   middletons@voorhees.k12.nj.us


    SEPTEMBER 2023



    Dear Parents and Guardians,

                Welcome to back to school night.  The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint you with your child’s course content, requirements, text, and general activities.  If you are concerned with your child’s grades, you are asked to request a conference to be scheduled at a later date.


    Textbook: Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States   McGraw Hill, 2014 Edition


    Course Content:        United States history from the Pre-Revolutionary War period

                                         through Reconstruction.


    Requirements:   Separate Social Studies notebook if not using the Ipad; red pen or pencil


    Homework:  Students are given homework when necessary to reinforce concepts or skills developed in class, and homework is reviewed by the teacher.


    Quizzes:  Announced and unannounced quizzes are given.  Short quizzes on short-term learning are given often.  Most quizzes are announced.


    Tests:  Tests will be given at the end of most chapters and/or units.  All tests are announced in advance with specific directions concerning preparation.


    Projects:  Students will be required to do about one major and/or several minor projects (written or oral) each marking period.  All projects come with very specific directions and requirements and are announced one to two weeks prior to the due date.


    Extra Help and Credit:  Students should approach the teacher with questions concerning the improvement of their work, study habits, etc., and they are encouraged to arrange for additional help when appropriate.  Extra credit is available to all students in the form of a project.  Extra credit may be done by students who have completed all their regular assignments but believe they need additional credit to improve their average.

                If your child is having difficulty with the course or has any concerns with his or her work, encourage YOUR CHILD TO TALK TO ME so he or she may benefit from both the responsibility of grade improvement and from the experience of handling their own responsibilities.  (Of course, you should assist them and monitor their results; and as always, you may contact me directly with questions or concerns.)


    History Fair ’22:  We hope to be able to hold a major History Fair sponsored by our team, probably in May.  More information about this will be distributed.


    The Big History Project:  This is a six or seven-month project for which the students will do interviews and create a reflective time period multi-media presentation en route to learning about the past, their families, and their own future. . .and maybe solving some of the world’s questions along the way.  All requirements will be listed in detail and posted on our website.



    We look forward to an exciting year!                 Mr. Middleton, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Sullender, Mrs. Wheeler