• Please be on the look out for the fall sports survey that was already sent out from Mr. Winsett. If you are interested in trying out for the team, please be sure to get your physical completed and all necessary forms. You will have to let your coach know if you are planning on taking the late bus or if you have your own ride home!  

    Time and space for changing into field hockey clothing will be limited,  so it is suggested that you wear your practice clothes to school on try-out days.  If you would like to bring a bag with your shin guards, socks, mouthguards, sticks, cleats, socks, and water bottles, you may leave them in your homeroom, Mrs. Rosetti’s room (E-11),  or Ms. Park’s Classroom (E-10).   

    Tryouts will take place on Monday (9/11) and Tuesday (9/12). The team will be posted by midday on Wednesday (9/13). There will be field hockey practice on Wednesday (9/13), Thursday (9/14), and Monday (9/18). Our first game is scheduled for Tuesday (9/19). 

    Tryouts and practice will last until 4:10. If a player's ride is not in the parking lot at that time, school policy is to place the player on the late bus.  Please arrive on time to pick up your player(s).


      If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Rosetti!!