Basic Field Hockey Rules

    1. You may only use the flat side of your stick.
    2. You must be properly attired – shin guards, mouth guards, no jewelry, etc.
    3. 10 field players plus a goalie play at one time.
    4. The field hockey game lasts for two 30 minute halves.
    5. Substitutions – the field player must exit the field at the 50, only then can the new player step onto the field.
    6. The ball cannot go in the air, especially on free hits. This is judged by the discretion of the ref. The exception is a shot on goal, as long as there is not a player in the direct line of the ball and no one is in harm’s way.
    7. Self –start. When taking a hit into the circle, whether it is a free hit or long hit, you cannot directly hit into the circle. You must pass it first or carry the ball for 5 yards before hitting the ball into the circle.


    For free hits anywhere else on the field, you may either: take a direct hit, pass to one of your players, or carry the ball for 3 yards before hitting it.

    Any time a foul occurs in either team’s circle, a corner hit will be called.



    1. The ball cannot hit your feet.
    2. You cannot raise your stick above your waste during regular play. If you are taking a free hit, it is up to the discretion of the ref.
    3. You cannot tackle (go for the ball) from behind. You must face your opponent head on (shoulder to shoulder) if you are fighting for the ball.
    4. No third party. It is one vs. one at all times. Once another player tries to go for the ball, a foul is called.
    5. Obstruction – when your back is turned to another player and you are between the ball and that player.