• Lead Class Essay

    Law Enforcement Against Drugs

    This is the time for you to think about all of the things that you have learned in LEAD Class. Think about all of the things that the Police Officers have taught you. You’ve learned a lot!

    Now you will be writing an essay about what you have learned in lead class.

    The following guidelines will help you with your LEAD essay.

    *How do you feel about the LEAD program?

    *What knowledge and skills have you learned to help

       you make healthy choices?

    *What lesson or lessons that you have learned did you

       think was/or were the most important and why?

    *Was there anything that you have learned that was

       new to you? Please explain.

    *Are there any suggestions or is there anything you would like

      to see different with the LEAD program/class?

    *What impact did LEAD have on you?