• Suicide Awarenss
    The Students Will Be Able To:
    • Define Suicide
    • Identify risk factors and warning signs of suicide
    • Recognize the facts and statistics pertaining to suicide
    • Assess the degree of risk in a variety of situations and identify strategies to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries to self and others
    Tobacco , Alcohol and other Drugs
    The Students Will Be Able To:
    • Analyze the credibility and accuracy of information about tobacco and alccohol products
    • Compare and contrast adult abuse of prescription and over the counter medicines and the consequences of such abuse
    • Describe the physical and psychological addiction to tobacco
    • Describe the harmful effects alcohol has on the human body
    • Identify the toxic substances in tobacco and tobacco smoke
    • List the harmful effects smoking has on the body
    • Describe the three stages of alcoholism
    • Explain the steps to recovery from alcoholism
    Influences on Personality Development
    The Students Will Be Able To:
    • Identify ways to show respect and appreciation for the divesity of others and to form positive relationships with many different people in order to fulfill their needs for affection(being liked), belonging, respect and feelings of self worth
    • Discuss topics regarding gender, sexual oreintation and cultural stereotyping
    • Identify and clarify what is appropriate or right from that which is inappropriate or wrong in developing lifelong goals to having good self-esteem and being a good citizen
    • Defend a position on a health or social issue to activate community awareness and responsiveness
    Coping Skills for Managing Change
    The Students Will Be Able To:
    • Compare and contrast stress management strategies that are used to address various types of stress induced situations
    • Apply a variety of coping skills effective in managing problems that families encounter
    • Recognize ways to avoid violence in resolving differences between two people, within a family or between groups
    • Demonstrate ways to resist negative social influences assertively using both verbal communication and body language