• Homework, Tests, and Quizzes
    HW  HW
    -Homework is a crucial part of our class and is designed to reinforce and expand upon what we learn in class. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments, as many Quiz questions are derived from homework!
    -A Homework grade will be given for each homework assignment turned in. Students MAY complete homework one day late for a total possible 90 points (out of 100). NO homework assignments will be accepted more than one day late.
    - A Classwork grade will be entered at the end of each week. Students who are off-task, fail to complete classwork assignments or projects, and/or do no participate in class will lose classwork points.
    -Homework and Classwork is worth 10% of students' grade.
    Quizzes/Minor Projects
     -Quizzes will be given frequently. They will often be written or project-based. Quizzes are a great opportunity for students to demonstrate understanding of the material.
    -Quizzes can be announced or unannounced. Though I will usually let students know ahead of time.
    -Quizzes are worth 40% of students' grade.
    Tests/Major Projects
    -Tests are given multiple times per marking period. They are designed to assess students' understanding of large units of information. 
    -Tests are announced with plenty of advanced notice for students. After school help and review days will be made available for students.
    -Tests are worth 50% of students' grade.