• Rules and Responsibilities
    In Mr. Hopely's class there is really only one "rule":
    "You DO NOT have the right to HINDER someone else's education"
    This carries with it many responsibilities, such as:
    -You should not talk or be disruptive while the teacher or another student is talking (unless the teacher tells you otherwise).
    -You should not use your I-pad for anything other than what the teacher tells you to use it for (being off task on your I-pad disrupts the teacher, your classmates, and group work).
    -You should always come prepared with all supplies and completed work (incomplete assignments and being unprepared takes time away from class and disrupts your classmates).
    -You should always stay on task and follow all classroom/school rules and procedures.
    -Most importantly, you should ALWAYS treat your classmates, your school, and your classroom with RESPECT.
    If a student breaks the rule,
    1. They will get a warning from the teacher.
    2. If the behavior continues, the student will get an "invitation" from the teacher for an after school detention. If behavior improves, the "invitation" we be rescinded.
    3. If behavior does not improve, student will face detentions (after school or a lunch detention) with the teacher and parents will be contacted.
    4. Further disciplinary concerns will be addressed by the grade-level principal. 
    Our class will be very fun and rewarding each and every day so long as we all follow the rule!