• Revising


    Revising is when you evaluate your first draft to improve the quality of the content and organization.

    Follow these 5 strategies:

    1.  Add.  If your writing seems skimpy, add a paragraph that looks at your composition's main idea from a different angle.  Consider adding transitions, such as therefore, for instance, and finally, to help readers follow your thoughts.
    2.  Delete.  Cut words, sentences, and even whole paragraphs that stray from your composition's main idea.  Eliminate wordiness and get to the point.
    3.  Replace.  Look for weak spots.  Replace any weak support with stronger support.
    4.  Rearrange.  Try out different arrangements for words in sentences or paragraphs in compositions.  Keep your readers in mind as you search for the clearest, most logical order.

    5.  Elaborate.  Be sure that the main idea of every paragraph is supported by specific details, facts, examples, illustrations, sensory images, figurative language, quotations, or anecdotes.