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    Daily Activities

    1.       Journals– We will complete 10-15 journals during each marking period. Each journal entry must be at least 100 words in length. Journals will be collected at the end of the marking period. The grade will count as a test grade.

     2.      L.A. Review/Daily Edit- On most Wednesdays, class will begin with a daily edit. Students must copy down and correct mistake-filled sentences using proofreading marks. Then, we review the corrections together by using the SMART Board/ AppleTV.

     3.      Spelling– Students will receive new spelling lists on Fridays and the quiz will be the following Friday. We have a quiz every Friday.  After we finish all the spelling lessons in a unit, there will be a spelling test. This tends to be after we finish four lists.


    Homework is an essential part of the teaching and learning process; it is a key part of the lesson on the next day. Every student will start with a homework grade of 100 at the beginning of each marking period. Five points are deducted from that 100 for each missed homework assignment.

     Final Grade Format: