• Welcome to the Voorhees Middle School
    Physical Education - Middle School Physical Education & Health
        Our department consists of 6 teachers:
    Ms. White, Mr. Day , Mr. Morales, Ms. Carrafiello , Mr. Concepcion and Mrs. Morales We offer 2 marking periods of Health and 2 marking periods of Physical Education each year to each student. As a staff, we work hard to promote Health and Wellness in all aspects of our students' lives. 
    For more information about PE supplies, please scroll down.
    For more information about the HEALTH PROGRAM
    click on their individual teacher web sites. 
     Ultimate Rowing Training Tips – Fit For Life – atlanticrowingrace.co.uk
    Here is a list of supplies for Physical Education 

    1. PLAIN white or light gray T-Shirt with 3" block lettering (first name, last initial on the front and back with permanent black marker) OR a school physical education uniform which can be purchased from the PFA.

    2. Athletic shorts or sweat pants with elastic waist.

    3. Athletic sneakers with a secure fit and athletic socks.  

    4. $6.00 in the form cash OR check made out to Voorhees Middle School or exact change for a physical education lock purchased through the school store.