• Welcome to Eighth Grade
     Welcome to the Voorhees Middle School eighth grade web site. This site will serve to promote better communication with the entire school community.


    Eighth Grade Assistant Principal - The Assistant Principal for eighth grade is Mr. Russel J. Winsett, Jr. Mr. Winsett holds a Masters Degree from Wilmington University in School Leadership and a Masters Degree from Marygrove College in Teacher Education . Mr. Winsett can be reached at 856-795-2025, extension 5228. Please feel free to e-mail him at winsett@voorhees.k12.nj.us.


    Eighth Grade School Counselor:


    Eighth Grade Office. If you have any general questions, or wish to leave a message for your student, you can contact the Eighth Grade Secretary, Mrs. Robin Euler euler@voorhees.k12.nj.us, at 856-795-2025, extension 5228. 


    Locating the Eighth Grade Office. All Eighth grade visitors must check in at the Eighth Grade Office. We are located at the corner of the building closest to Tatum Brown. The door is marked with an "8". If you need to drop off a forgotten lunch, or anything else for your student, please leave the items in the Eighth Grade Office. If you have an appointment to meet with Mr. Winsett, eighth grade Assistant Principal, please check in directly at our office or at the Sixth Grade Office or the Main Office ,if no one is available upon your arrival. Please remember that security requirements are in place for the protection of our students.


    Student Identification Cards - Each student is issued an ID card with a photo. There are several purposes for these cards. Our cafeteria cash registers are computerized and students may establish an account by submitting a check to the cafeteria. Subsequent charges will be credited to that account, using the ID card. Parents can also access this account to check on what their child is purchasing and or to check on the balance. ID cards are required in the cafeteria, and students with merit stickers will be called first to purchase lunches. Student ID cards also serve a purpose in emergencies, and may be vital during an emergency. All students are strongly urged to carry an ID at all times. Lost ID cards can be replaced for a $5.00 fee at the student's grade level office. Occasional ID checks will be held, and students lacking an ID card may be assigned a demerit.


    VMS Discipline Guide. Information on disciplinary policies and procedures is available in the student handbook. Students and their parents were asked to review these policies and submit a signed statement acknowledging the rules and procedures at the start of the school year. Questions about the discipline guide may be referred to Mr. Winsett.