Each day I expect you to come prepared to class. You will be expected to come into class, sit in your seat quietly, and begin working on the Do-now assignment. This classroom will be a comfortable, fun, and educational environment. You must respect your peers and the teacher as well as their property. In order to have a great year, everyone must work together, clean up after themselves, and follow directions!

    50%  Tests and Long-term Projects
    40%  Quizzes and Graded Assignments
    10%  Homework
    Tests and Long-term Projects:

                All tests will be announced and given at the end of each chapter in the unit.  There will be at least (3) tests every marking period.  Long-term projects will be assigned at least 2 weeks before the project is due.  If you are absent the day a test is given, you are expected to take the test the day you return.

    Quizzes and Graded Assignments:

              Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the marking period for each chapter.  Quizzes are given to assess the understanding on the current topic being covered.  If you are absent the day a quiz is given, you are expected to take the quiz the day you return.  Graded assignments can consist of lab assignments and short-term projects.


              Homework is important to reinforce concepts and skills taught during class.  Homework will be posted on the board each day and students are responsible for remembering to complete their homework assignments.  Homework will be posted on my website and on iCal.  Homework is graded for completeness and effort.  It is due the day after the assignment is given.


                If you are absent for a day or numerous days, all of the notes and homework assignments will be posted on my website.  Assignments will be posted on the calendar on my website as well as on your iPad!

    Tierney Tickets:

                Tierney Tickets will be given out throughout the year for positive behavior and quality of work.  Tierney Tickets can be redeemed for rewards throughout the year.

    Extra Help:

                Students must make arrangements with the teacher and have a signed permission slip to stay after school for extra help.