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    Everything is tentative and subject to change as rules and regulations change! 

    2021 Girls Soccer Try Out Information


    Try outs will be held after school on 9/13- 9/14- 9/17-9/20. You must be attend all try out dates.   The tryouts will conclude at 4:10 and you must have a ride or be taking the late bus.  If your ride is not here at 4:10 you will be required to take the late bus. NO EXCEPTIONS                                            

        In order to try out you must have a completed physical and medical information on file with the school nurse.  If you don't have the required paperwork prior to tryouts you will not be permitted to try out.  This is not a school rule this is a state law so there are NO EXCEPTIONS!  IF you are unsure make sure you check with the nurse ahead of time!  

    You will need Shin Guards, Cleats, Socks, 4 Safety Pins and your own water bottle for tryouts. 


      If you would like to bring a bag with your shin guards, cleats, and water bottles you may leave them in your homeroom or Ms. Carrafiellos Classroom (C-10).    You must have your own water bottle. You will not be permiitted to share or enter the building after school to fill your bottles.      


    Please review the schedule prior to try outs. Making the team in a commitment and you will be required to make all practices and games.  IF you cannot comit to the team because of other teams or acitivites please think about if it's best for you to try out or not.    

    If you have any questions contact Ms. Carrafiello at carrafiellom@voorhees.k12.nj.us

      Looking forward to a fun and successful season!