Updated 2/08/24

    See the News/Updates tab for info about the 2024 season!

    Tryouts to begin 3/5 and 3/7



    FOR UP-TO-DATE TRYOUTS INFO SEE THE "Softball Tryouts" ;  Meet in the wood gym, have cleats and sneakers, be prepared to be outdoors or indoors. Exact times and dates for the tryout process will be posted about 3/1.  Read the remainder of this page for more details.   Make sure that all required paperwork, which is obtained from the nurse, is complete.  You must have a current and up to date physical on file.   Don't wait until the last minute to arrange a physical with your physician.
    RIDES AND BUSSES:  Students may NOT be left unattended after a tryout, practice or game.  Rides must be here in time for player pick up.  When a bus is provided, rides must be here within five minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave.  If a player's ride is not here, the player MUST be put on the bus.  We sometimes hear that a ride is "around the corner" or "down the street" or "will be hear in five minutes."  If a ride is not here in time, the player MUST take the late bus.  If player pick up becomes a problem, such as if a player will not take the bus or her family does not want her to take the bus, she may not participate in softball.
    TRYOUTS:  Will be held Monday through Friday, after school until either 4:15pm or 5:15pm.  Late busses will be provided for 4:15 end times.   On days with a 5:15 end time players will need to have their own ride.  If you are getting picked up on days that a late bus is provided, your ride must be here before the bus is gettin ready to depart; IF YOUR RIDE IS NOT HERE YOU WILL BE PLACED ON THE APPROPRIATE LATE BUS AS STATED IN THE SCHOOL POLICY RULES.  The number of players on the team, the number of players from each grade, and how long the tryouts run will be determined at the time of tryouts.  IMPORTANT:  You must have completed all the required paperwork and had a physical before being able to tryout.  All the required forms may be picked up at the nurses' offices.  Any questions about being eligible to tryout, see the nurse as soon as possible.  If you are going to need to schedule a physical, do not wait until the last minute or you might not get it done in time.
    SEASON OVERVIEW:  We play in the South Jersey Middle School Softball League.  The season runs from early March through about the end of May or very early June if rainouts push the season further.  Practices are every day Monday through Friday to about 4:15, including half days.  Busses will be provided for a practice ending 3:30pm or 4:10pm.  Practices which are scheduled for later that 4:15 or for a different time slot will require players to arrange for a ride home.  Players may miss practice time or come late due to an excused reason such as extra help or makeup work.  They must inform one of the coaches so we know where you will be.   Detentions are not excused absences.  There are usually 2-3 games per week.  There are no busses for home games, players need a ride home.  The bus which takes us to and from an away game will bring us back to the school where players need to have a ride to take them home.  There will be one team which will be comprised of a combination of 8th, 7th, and 6th grade players. We will not know the exact number of players or how many from each grade until the time of tryouts.   More information will be presented at the first softball meetings and tryouts.