• Grading  Policy  



     Homework (10%)

    Homework is important in reinforcing facts and concepts taught in class. It will be assigned throughout the marking period at the teachers discretion. After an absence, it is the students responsibility to see the teacher for any missing assignments. Homework is due the day after the assignment is given. See the student handbook or clarification on partial credit.            

    Quizzes and Graded Assignments (40%)

    Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the marking period, and may be either announced or unannounced. They will evaluate the students knowledge of current topics covered in class. Graded assignments may be graded as a quiz.  When a student returns after an absent, he/she is responsible to make up any missing quizzes.


      Tests and Long Term Projects (50%)

    Tests will be given during the end of each book and may also be given at the end of a unit of study. At least three tests will be administered in each marking period. Generally, one long term project is also assigned during each marking period. All long term projects will be assigned at least 2 weeks before the date they are due.
    Core Content Standards:  Building upon knowledge and skills gained in preceding grades, students in 8th grade will:
    • Analyze main ideas and supporting details
    • Understand the role of characters, setting, and events in a literary work.
    • Analyze text using patterns of organization, such as cause and effect ,comparison and contrast, context clues.
    • Analyze text for purpose, ideas, themes, and style of the author
    • Improve critical thinking skills
    • Understand and appreciate literature
    • Become a strategic reader
    • Enjoy reading for pleasure