• Welcome to the VMS School Counseling
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    The school counselors are particularly interested in the well being of all students. They are specially trained to help you in ways that pertain to your social, emotional, vocational, and academic life.
    As a middle school student, you are sometimes referred to as an "In-Betweener." That is, you are no longer considered a child, and not yet considered an adult. You are in the process of "Growing Up." Growing up is certainly a very interesting and exciting period of your life, but it can also be a complex and difficult period. We are interested in helping you to better understand yourself.
    There may be times when you will be confused, upset, or undecided about the best way to handle a problem. When such a situation occurs, it is usually helpful to talk with your parents, counselors or teachers. During the year the counselors will meet with interested students, classes or small groups of students to help them better understand and cope with problems they may be experiencing. Groups that have been formed in the past have included study skills, self-esteem, divorce, etc. In addition, the school psychologist facilitates groups for students having special needs.
    To request an appointment with the counselor, ask your teacher for a pass or stop by the Counseling Office. 
    The School Counselors are available for the following services to parents/guardians:
    ►Individual meetings regarding pupil progress or problems
    ►Interpretation of standardized test results and pupil data
    ►Information about sources of information regarding child growth and development
    ►Information relevant to promoting academic/social growth
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