• RTI, Response to Intervention, is a team of Voorhees Middle School administration, teachers, and school counselors whose role it is to support and aid members of our school community in the resolution of school-based problems and/or difficulties.


    RTI stands for Response to Intervention and is a tiered system of support for students based off of the New Jersey Tiered System of Supports (NJTSS). 



    RTI is designed to address the needs of struggling learners and is a problem-solving process, whose foundation is based on research-based instruction and interventions to help those struggling learners. 

    When a staff member(s) notices that a student is struggling academically, socially and/or emotionally, they may seek the help of the RTI Team.  Staff members who are referring students to the RTI Team have already communicated with parents on multiple occasions regarding their concerns and have implemented interventions in response to student needs.  Staff members have also communicated with the student's parents regarding their recommendation to refer the student to the RTI Team. 

    The RTI Team at Voorhees Middle School consists of administration, general education teachers, special education teachers, specialists, school counselors and CST members. 

    Using the data presented at the RTI Meeting (student assessment scores, classwork samples, observations from the teacher, documentation of interventions already provided to the student), the team works collaboratively to generate an action plan that addresses the initial difficulty and provides the teacher with additional interventions/modiciations/accommodations to use with the student. 

    The action plan generated at the meeting includes input from the RTI Team, staff who teach the student and parents.  This action plan is reviewed every 4 weeks at the monthly RTI Meetings.  Progress monitoring through data collection guides the RTI Team and parents to determine further steps needed in the action plan.  Further steps may also include a referral to the Child Study Team for testing. 

    The RTI Team continues to be successful because of the positive working relationship between VMS Staff members and parents.  Working together as parents and VMS Staff members we can help our students flourish in a caring, supportive educational environment. 


    If you have any further questions regarding RTI, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Caitlin Holloway, 6th Grade Assistant Principal or Mrs. Dawn Danley, Learning Consultant. 

    Mrs. Caitlin Holloway 

    (856) 795 2025 x5160


    Mrs. Dawn Danley

    (856) 795 2025 x5218



Last Modified on January 3, 2023