The Blob’s Story By Lucas Legarda

In a mysterious place called Blob World, there was a school called Lucas Middle School. He was sitting in math class, and thought to himself, “ THESE CHAIRS ARE SO HARD,” he exclaimed, “ I’D RATHER SIT ON A JELLO CHAIR!” After school, he was off to do his homework, his homework was to defeat 10 cyborgs. When he was doing his homework, he ran into a cyborg that had a big stun laser and knocked him out. When he woke up, he was hanging on a rope and was suspended over an enormous bowl of water. That cyborg was the leader of all cyborgs, and all blobs have a weakness, and that is water. The cyborg was about to cut the rope and the blob was scared. “Before I cut the line,” he said, “the name is Cyborg 2000, my other minions are Cyborg 1000.” To be continued….