• Welcome to Physical Therapy
    Therapist:  Lawrence Berry P.T.
    What Is Physical Therapy?   The role of the school therapist is designed to assist children with physical disabilities gain access to the educational environment and resources that are present in his placement. 
     How Are Services Provided?  Direct or indirect intervention with child, staff, or parents is offered during the school day across environments encountered in naturally presenting routines as the child proceeds throughout his day including his academic and social experiences.  The specific goals and objectives will be stated in the child's individualized educational program (IEP) as determined jointly by parents, staff, and child study team. 
    What Does the Therapist Do?  With long term independence in functional mobility guiding goals and objectives, and depending on the child's functional abilities and rate of progression the following areas are addressed.
    • Instruct, practice, and incorporate mobility and gross motor skills into daily routine.  
    • Help the child achieve confidence in his ability to explore and accept new or changing physical challenges within the school environment.  Provide staff and parent support to assist or challenge child's motor abilities in meaningful, productive, and recreational ways. 
    • Heighten awareness regarding safety, and provide coping or compensatory strategies when physical or cognitive skills would otherwise restrict full access.  
    • Adjust environment by providing skills, equipment, or tools to allow for a least restrictive setting while maintaining structure and opportunity that fosters continued growth, development, and learning.
    Will the Parent Be Involved?  Once the IEP or 504 plans are signed parents are invited to participate in the intervention process at a level that suits their personal style.  We are always available by phone with a voice mail system.  In addition written contact is offered regularly throughout the year to provide therapeutic play opportunities--fun, family-friendly activities designed to provide practice and carry-over skills that can be incorporated into daily living skills.


    PARENTS:  Please share your comments "good" or "not so good" with me at BerryL@voorhees.k12.nj.us and I will be sure to share them with all our families at this web site. Thank you for your kind concern and continued support.
    Therapeutic Horseback Riding Programs:

    Programs Promoted by Horseback Riding for the Handicapped of New Jersey(3):

    Beyond Balance    Contact Person: Susy Berg (609) 969-8899
    P.O. Box 534
    Hainsport, New Jersey 08036

    Kids Korral    Contact Person: Jennifer Hill  (609) 714-1009
    429 Stokes Road
    Shamong, New Jersey 08088

    Shadow Equestrian Inc.   Contact Person: Kay Drissel   (856) 694-4034
    1907 Monroeville Road
    Monroeville, New Jersey 08343

    Other Nearby Riding Programs:

    Saddle Up Therapeutic Riding Academy  
    Contact Person: Leslie Weyers    (609) 324-7364
    27722 MT Pleasant Road
    Springfield, New Jersey 08022

    R & R Special Riders   Contact Person: Mary   (856) 768-9029    No Fee   Donation accepted    Looking for Volunteers to help with children
    116 Bramau Avenue
    Berlin, New Jersey 08009

    Swim Programs:

    Rehab Connection    Aqua Buddies Program    Contact Person: Debra Lischak   (856) 547-4422
    50 East Gloucester Pike
    Barrington, New Jersey 08007

    YMCA of  Burlington County    Super Seals Program  Contact Person: Dawn Willers, Director (856) 234-6200 ext 239
    59 Centerton Road
    Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054

    Katz Jewish Community Center  Contact Person: Eileen Elias (856)424-4444 ext114
    1301 Springdale Road
    Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003

    Ballys Total Fitness   Contact Person: None  (856) 346-4700   No Program but children can swim with parents.
    Cost-3.00 per swim
    1160 Whitehorse Road
    Voorhees, New Jersey 08043
    Shapes to Come Spa and Fitness Center  (856) 768-1677   Individualized swimming lessons offered.
    350 State Hwy 73
    Berlin, New Jersey 08004
    Wahoo Swim Club  (856) 234-5898   Individualized swimming lessons offered.
    4101 Church Road
    Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054

    Dance Programs:

    Creatabilities Today's Dance Center Inc.  Contact Person: Kim O'Conner-Sparks  (609) 953-0253
    175 Route#70 Sharps Run Plaza
    Medford, New Jersey 08055

    Karate Programs:  Work in Progress
    Soccer programs:  Work in Progress
    Drama and Fine Arts:  Work in Progress
    Lawrence Berry P.T.