• novel  by Christopher Paul Curtis    Click on the novel for a cool link about jazz.


    The flyer Bud keeps in his suitcase with the jazz band on it is one of his most prized possessions.  Pages 6-7 and 95 describe the flyers in detail.



    Research the different types of jazz by using the HISTORY OF JAZZ website.  Identify the lead member by choosing one of the famous artists associated with this type of Jazz.

    Create a name for your band using Alliteration. Name the other members of your band and the instruments they play.  Make sure you choose instruments associated with your jazz type.


    Background Information:

    Use the library catalog to locate books in the library which are relevant to your assignment.

    Use the History of Jazz website link.

    Use the individual artist links.

    Information for the different jazz legends can be found below. 

    Explore the Smithsonian Museum Jazz page.

    Take a look at the variety of instruments used.

    Link 1

    Link 2


    Poster guidelines:

    Include the name of the band, the group members and instruments, the style of jazz you play, a slogan, persuasive information to convince people to come to your show. 

    Include photos to help “show” your band’s talents.

    Provide a link to an example of music similar to what your band may sound like.